About the Author, Melanie Shull

Through Melanie's numerous talents, her purpose is to equip and encourage believers to live out and grow-up in their faith in Jesus Christ. She cheers others on to go deeper so Christ's radiance can shine brighter.

As Founder and Chief Editor of Living Real Magazine, Melanie has been providing a platform since 2009 for real people to tell their real stories of what it looks like to live out real faith in the everyday routines of life, as well as, in the unexpected challenges tossed our way.

Her love for writing also spills into speaking, blogging, magazine articles, Bible studies, and devotions.

Melanie is presently working on her new book/Bible study tentatively titled Unlocked Hearts, Unleashed Joy. 

Her published books, a Bible study, Renew, Refresh, Refine, and The Red Carpet Journal are available on Amazon.com and through the Living Real Magazine website. www.livingrealmag.com.

Melanie's heart belongs to Jesus Christ, but her heartstrings belong to her husband, Rick, and their adult children, Turner and Madison.

Whether she's speaking, writing, teaching, singing and/or playing the piano, Melanie has discovered that her love for her Savior spills out through her gift of hospitality. Wherever she is, she seeks to create an atmosphere where worship is central, smiles are free, and all are welcome.

If you would like to have Melanie come speak, teach, or sing for your event, or if your church would like to host a Living Real Magazine Conference, please contact her at @editorlivingrealmag.com.

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