Rush Limbaugh: The Friend I Never Got to Meet In Person

Image from WIS-TV, Dawndy Mercer Plank, FB page

Few people have influenced my life in the area of politics as much as an American patriot named Rush Hudson Limbaugh, III. For more than 30 years, whether you loved him or hated him, this one-of-a-kind American Patriot ushered Conservatism, without apology, to the forefront of the political debate. A pioneer of Conservative Talk Radio, his influence inspired millions in recognizing how America truly is the most blessed and greatest country on earth.

I was introduced to this man with "talent on loan from God," as he so often reminded his audience, by my husband. Rick has always been fascinated with politics and how the process works. Desiring to join the political conversation, Rick and Rush piqued my interest to learn more about our government, economics, our history, and how not to not shy away from robust political debate. Rush always stressed that we do our homework, learn to think for ourselves, and never allow others to tell us what to think.

Rush Limbaugh has been a long-time household name in the Shull family. When our son was two, he toddled into the kitchen one day, struggling with a heavy book he had removed from the coffee table. He was so proud to announce, "Look, Daddy! It's Rush Limbaugh!" It was so cute, and his daddy's face beamed with pride. 

Through the years, this giant radio personality became even more endearing to me as I listened intently to his passion for this country, his faith, and his fight for America's foundational values, especially our freedoms. No one brought more common sense, rhyme and reason into the hearts of Americans more than El Rushbo. His unwavering faith in the potential of the American people and his undying optimism always brought real life into perspective. His understanding and explanation of our history was impeccable. I'm really going to miss this bigger-than-life, funny, kind, optimistic, humble, and extraordinarily generous voice who offered sound political analysis five days a week. 

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Rush had a deep faith in Jesus Christ. Though he didn't dive deep into his personal faith on the air, he did on occasion acknowledge where his strength came from, speak of his personal relationship with Christ, and affirmed how much his faith impacted his and, his wife, Kathryn's life. He was very involved with his family and loved them deeply. 

Rush is also proof that you do not need a college degree to make it in America. He was the Dean of the EIB Institute for Conservatism, the inventor of Conservative Talk Radio (resurrecting AM radio), the master of entertainment, and a teacher's teacher. You laughed, you cried, you had ah-ha moments, all in a three-hour segment that flew by. 

Rush was a master motivator, cheering us on every single day. He was a faithful friend to all of his 21 million plus faithful listeners. Open Line Friday was probably one of my favorite days when he gave the mic to the people to talk about anything on their minds. He was connected to his listeners like no other, and his listener family motivated him to stay the course to the very end.

Rush wasn't perfect. He had flaws just like the next guy, but he spent the one life God gave him by using it to the best of his ability to impact this world for good and to fight for what he believed in. And, he did it brilliantly. 

There will never be another Rush Limbaugh, but there are those he's mentored already taking up the mantle of Conservatism, fighting hard for what he and hundreds of millions of us know and believe - America was formed for a divine purpose, and we must continue to honor the the one true God who gave us our country and purpose for such a time as this. We must remain a beacon of hope here and around the world if we are to survive. 

      Rush receiving the Medal of Honor from President Trump at the State of the Union Address 2020

From radio to television and back again, no one could do it better behind the golden EIB microphone at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network than the greatest of all time. I salute this brave, honorable, and distinguished American patriot. May he RIP in the glorious presence of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Mega dittos, Rush! You are already missed my friend!


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Mel. A great tribute to Rush.

    1. Thank you, Crickett. I just wanted to document my thoughts about a man who truly taught me so much. Thanks for reading.

  2. I can relate to everything you said, Melanie. I'd listen to him while driving, and after so many years, I felt like I knew him. I still can't believe he's gone. He really was one of a kind.

    1. Thank you, Myra. Rush was definitely a voice of reason, optimism, and common sense that will be greatly missed.


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