Forgiven - an original song of reflection and celebration


I've been in a funk the past couple of days. There are several outlining reasons for this, but deep down I believe the tears have spilled from an overwhelmed and grateful heart for what the Savior accomplished on the cross for you and me. There's so much more to that dreadful and glorious Good Friday event referred to as the crucifixion than we will ever comprehend. 

When I finished writing Unlocked Hearts, Unleashed Joy: Forgiveness Is the Key, the following words to this original song, along with the melody, seemed to pour out of me as the pen in my hand scribbled thoughts so fast, I could hardly keep up. May they minister to you as they have to me. 

Scriptures eluded to are Luke 2:34, Psalm 31:24, Psalm 32:1-2, Psalm 33:1, Colossians 3:13


by Melanie Shull

"Forgive them, Father, forgive them

I came to die from heaven on high

to shout from the sky…

Forgive them.

Father, forgive, them

The Son of Man with nails in His hands,

They don’t understand….

Forgive them."


Forgiven, we’ve been forgiven

The chains of sin’s grasp are broken at last

And we are forgiven

Forgiven, we’ve been forgiven

We’ve been set free, yes, you and me,

Forever will be….




Be strong in the Lord

and let your heart take courage

All who wait for the Lord

will renew their strength

His steadfast love surrounds the one

who trusts in Him…

Be glad, and shout for joy!

Shout for joy!


And… forgive them, we must forgive them

Those who pierce our hearts

and rip us apart, run out of the dark and…

Forgive them.

Christ said, “Forgive them”

For the wounds they make,

the fear they create,

It’s for our own good, to do as we should…

and forgive them.


Because we are forgiven, oh, we’re forgiven

We’ve been set free, yes, you and me

Forever we’ll be,

His glory we’ll see…



 (words and music by Melanie Shull)

 copyright 2019

Have a very blessed Resurrection Celebration! 



  1. Great words! I was wanting to hear you sing it :). Happy Easter!


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