All Night Long

My friend, Cindy, went to be with Jesus this morning.  As I think about her life, I just wanted to share a music video of a song that really ministered to me when another friend of mine miscarried. We were both expecting girls.  Now I was still pregnant with my daughter while she had to give birth to a stillborn baby girl.  I remember asking, "God, why did  choose to take her baby and not mine?" As this song played on the radio that day, I believe God was singing to me to help me put things into perspective and to truly lean on Him for comfort, healing, and peace.  He knew that music is a language that speaks volumes to me, so He used this song to help me hear His voice.  This past Tuesday night God kept bringing this song back to my mind as I slept.  I actually believe that it played in my head all night long

Not all of my questions were ever answered then, nor will they be now.  My comfort, though, lies in the One who knows all the answers.  So I pray that this song ministers to you with whatever you are dealing with today.  "My Life Is In Your Hands" sung by Kathy Troccoli. Listen to the words.

My Pleasure,