Never Early, Never Late, Right On Time

I have a good friend that has been fighting for her life since Sunday evening.  "Fighting for life" means something different to me than probably most people.  She is either fighting for life here on earth, or fighting to step over into eternal life.  Either way, nothing we say or do will change God's timing for her.  Although she was taken off of the ventilator last evening at around 6:40 pm, she is still breathing and her heart is still beating this morning.  More evidence that we have no control over life and death.

God has numbered every heartbeat just as He's numbered every hair on our heads.  She will see Him face to face when He is ready for her and not a moment sooner.  The song "In His Time" says that "He makes all things beautiful in His time."  And He will do that for her and for her family when the time is right.

Last night during band rehearsal at church, we were preparing a song, and the words were more powerful to me than ever before.  Most of the time I've thought about the lyrics as just describing salvation, but tonight they took on a new meaning in light of my friend's situation.  The words to the chorus say, "Out of ashes into freedom.  Out of dying into life.  See the joy that's set before us in the blinding cross of Christ."  I couldn't help but think of her as she is passing from this difficult life into life everlasting, so I changed one word in this chorus to say, ..."See the joy that's set before YOU in the blinding cross of Christ!"  As she passes from this life to the next, Jesus is fulfilling His promise of freedom, life and joy. 

When God's time is right, her heart will beat it's last and she will take her final breath here on earth, BUT she will awaken into freedom, life, and joy everlasting with Jesus Christ her Saviour, Lord and King. 

Until then, we wait.

My Pleasure,