The Core of a Christian

The core of anything is its' center.  It's what the fruit revolves around. It's also where good or bad seeds are found.

Sometimes the core is rotten and has a stench, therefore, the fruit is offensive.  A healthy piece of fruit has a pleasant odor and entices the taster.

The same is true for the Christian.  The good fruit that we bear surrounds a strong, healthy core of something that tastes good. The bad fruit that we bear is a result of a core that is distasteful.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to be offensive.    I want to fill the space where I am with the pleasant aroma of God's presence so others will be enticed to "Taste and see that the Lord is good."  (Psalm 34:8)

In Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts, she draws the reader in to examine one's core.  She takes you on an incredible journey as she discovers what's missing in her life and how she allows God to change her condition. 

The thread throughout the book is the word "eucharisteo".  It is the Greek word for "thanksgiving". 
"Eucharisteo" has come to be my focus over the last several weeks as I have begun to read her New York Times best seller. 

Reading through her journey thus far has made me more aware of my surroundings and the glory that God displays for me every day.  I'm already a lover of thunderstorms, rainy days, flowers, green grass, birds, the sun, the moon, trees, going barefoot in the cool of the day, etc... but this author is so much more aware and knowledgable of the tiniest of everyday things.  She dives deep into the observation of things like a bubble in her dish water.  Amazing!  One night she even chases the moon to the end of a wheat field on their farm and lies prostrate before God.  What spontanaeity!  What splendor she discovers by looking for the glory God has already displayed.

A grateful heart in the making.

Her writing is so refreshing, challenging, and in places, hard. It's everything, all at the same time.  Sometimes I just put the book in my lap after a few pages and close my eyes to try and picture everything she has just described.  I force myself to breathe slow.
 As a result of the profound spiritual depth of this small, but powerful, truth-filled book, I will be hosting a Summer Book Club.  We will discuss the eucharisteo in every day life.  We will begin our own "One Thousand Gifts" list in our personal small journals.

Being grateful for the things this good God has already given to you will change how you view your wants and needs.  This prospective on life has already changed my thoughts from me to Him each morning; the One who redeemed my soul. 

Who I am is Christ, the Center.  What I do is based on how grateful I am to and for the Center.

When gratefulness fills the heart of a Christian, the hum-drum routine of life ebbs away.  Being intentional about what I see, and how I see, changes my blurred vision to His perfect vision.  That's the definition of wisdom- "Seeing life from God's perspective." (I learned this from the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar many years ago.)

 When gratefulness ceases to flow from the center of the Christian's perspective, nothing seems to satisfy.  That which satisfies seems out of reach.  All seems lifeless and dull.
You miss the small things that would otherwise direct your focus to Jesus Christ- the One who satisfies.  But contentment is possible when your heart is grateful.

What shape is your core in?  Who is the center of your life and what flows from your core?  Discontentment, unsatisfaction?  Begin to look for the little things to be grateful for and watch God transform you and your thinking.

 "Enter His gates with thanksgiving."
                                                         (Ps. 100:4)   

Would you like for the gates of heaven to open up before you and take your breath away?  Would you like to get a glimpse of Him, the Maker of heaven and earth; the Savior of the world?  Would you like to experience real joy?

Then begin today and every day with "eucharisteo"!

My Pleasure,