I Dare You!

Do you love a good dare?  I do.
I'm very competitive, and sometimes daring me to do something
just drives me even more. 

I've been challenged by Ann Voskamp, the author of One Thousand Gifts,
 to take the June Dare and I've jumped in with both feet!
This summer I am beginning a journal- a eucharisteo journal.

("Eucharisteo" is the Greek word for "thanksgiving".)

 "Eucharisteo" produces a grateful heart!

Ann has dared me to begin looking for 1000 gifts
that God places in my life and path every day. 
She has dared me to write down the gifts that I'm thankful for and to number them.

Simple, ordinary gifts.

It's fun, exciting! 
Each morning when I wake up I can hardly wait to see
what God is going to point out to me that day-
 precious overlooked, stepped on, walked around,
 gifts that I've missed so many times before. 

For example:

Watching a thunderstorm develop...

tablets of The Ten Commandments resting beside a tree in a neighbor's yard...

a note of encouragement that came in the mail...

Evidence of a husband who takes pride in his yard...

a fresh flower in the window sill...

just to name a few.

This dare is different from anything else I've ever been challenged to do
because it is a challenge to look for and examine the goodness and greatness of God
as He has displayed it for me to see.

To see them, I have to be intentional- to look through His lens to see His gifts,
just the way He intended-
 extraordinarily beautiful!

A beautiful place to worship with my church family...

and a great choir to rehearse and sing praises with...

the list goes on and on and on and.....

How about you? 
Will you take the dare and begin a "eucharisteo" journal with me and many others this summer?  You'll never look at life the same again.

Go ahead! 
 I dare you!

My Pleasure,