#89-Thankful for the Pain

Not much sleep on Saturday night. A small area on my back was itching and causing me pain.

Sunday morning, I thought maybe a spider had bitten me.  What led to my conclusion was a small rash (about the size of a silver dollar), itching that was traveling around my upper left side, pain, and some numbness. 

Monday morning, I went to the doctor, mainly because of the numbness and uncomfortable pain.

Before he even looked at the rash, he ruled out the spider bite and preceded to share with me his suspicions.  After looking at the rash, his suspicions were confirmed. He diagnosed me with shingles

Yes, shingles!

I'm so thankful for the pain. If I had not had the pain and the numbness, I would not have gone to the doctor. My case could have been much worse, but because we caught it early, I've started the antibiotics and Extra Strength Tylenol for the pain.  So far, so good. 

# 89- Thank you, Jesus, for the pain.  You give us things that are uncomfortable and even painful to direct us to what needs to be healed in our lives.  You are continuing to teach me to give thanks in everything!  You are amazing!  Amen!

My Pleasure,