The Wonder-FULL Life Has Only Just Begun

The Summer Book Club is officially over today.  What a joy it has been to watch women flood through my doorway and grace my den with their presence and excitement.  I never dreamed that this book of Ann Voskamp's would illuminate God's Word and wonder with such power.

Reading and pondering this book has turned me upside down, inside out, shakened my thinking, and has given me a perspective that only God can give.  He has brought "life" into holy focus. 

#183-God proclaiming His name a 4th time to me through Scripture in worship, "I AM".
#188- Buying highschool supplies for the last time together with Madison
#190- Sun shining brightly through the kitchen window as I pen gifts to paper
#191- The smell of muffins just out of the oven
#192- Papa being cared for in the hospital
#193- Gifts counted in the shadow of the cross

As we closed the book today and sighed with breaths of joy, we all thought about how the book was ending, but how the wonder has only just begun.  Every moment, wonder-FULL.  Jesus filling our life moments with the scent of His presence.  We just have to have holy focus to see.

 Life is a gigantic cathedral filled with moments waiting to be captured by the hearts of God's children.  To laugh, really laugh at life's simple pleasures.  To be awe struck with wonder at the joy He gives; with hands wide open, we receive.  Bend the knee.  Humbled in worship. Give thanks for the gifts. 

Don't stop. 

Don't ever stop counting. 

He never stops giving.

#194- Large Living Real ad sold
#195- Friends who pray with and for me
#196- The quietness as I write
#197- Good health
#198- A cancelled teaching event
#199- A good God

I finished reading the book on the beach, and this prayer just consumed my soul; through tears flowing, so full of joy for what I had experienced through Ann (full of grace), God's Word, and wonder, I wrote and I prayed... 

"Dear Jesus, In Your Name-
Continue to transform me; keep me counting. Help me to be heavy-scented with Your Presence.  Thank You for the unending gifts of Love in every moment.  I want to live fully in holy communion with You, my Bridegroom.
With eucharisteo and full of grace,

My Pleasure,
Melanie Ann