Forever After!

Today marks another year of true love.

Today marks many lessons learned through some tough times.

Today marks many years of laughter and tears.

Today marks 28 years of faithfulness to each other.

Today begins another year of love, wonder and adventure.

I prayed for the man I married; a heart felt prayer, on my knees, in my bed, with tears streaming down my face. I was 17.  God heard my prayer that night, and answered with more than I ever dreamed or imagined possible.

Rick and I were introduced two weeks later on a "blind date".  We went to a Youth/College Bible Study at his church and then double dated with friends afterwards at Pizza Inn.  I knew that night that God had answered my prayer.  We never dated anyone else, and five years later, on February 23,1985, we were married. 

As a true, hopeless romantic, I believed in fairy tales!  He was my Prince Charming and I was his Princess.  After 28 years, I may not believe in "Happily Ever After", but I do believe in "Forever After". 

You see, every day has its challenges and some days I may not feel happy.  Happiness comes and goes because its just a feeling.  Marriage is not a feeling; its a promise to love and to do life together Forever After;  after the wedding;  after the honeymoon; after an argument; after children. 

After the vows, whatever happens, we will stay together because we love each other and we promised!  But I can honestly say we have had lots of Happy!

No marriage is perfect, but with Jesus Christ tying the knot, it will not be broken.  Marriage is a lifetime of growing together, learning together, and loving together everyday! Rick and I are stronger because of lessons learned.  Our love is deeper today because our wedding vows were not just words.  Forever After is a solemn vow we made to each other and to God in front of hundreds of witnesses.  "What God hath joined together, let no man put assunder (separate)."

In a true Forever After marriage, divorce doesn't exist.  The word is not even in our vocabulary. No matter what, we vowed to work out our differences.  We vowed to put our spouse's best interest ahead of ourselves. We vowed to stay together...forever.

Love sacrifices. Love suffers. Love never fails.  Love never gives up! 

As we continue our Forever After journey, I can hardly wait to see what God has instore for us.
I love you, Sweetheart!  Thank you for loving me!

My Pleasure,