Silly Frog Follies

I had just finished some work on the computer around 10:30 pm when I turned towards the kitchen window.  It had been raining all evening as it has been most of the summer here in the Palmetto State.

The hot and humid conditions are perfect for tree frogs.  They love to attach themselves to glass doors or windows.  If you're not careful, they'll jump off the door and into the house when you least expect it. 

I looked out the window and attached to the screen was a tiny tree frog and his small lizard friend. As I was moving in to get a closer look, the lizard quickly scurried away.

I eased away to get my camera and thought the little green frog would probably make his escape before I could get back.  WRONG!  Not only was he there, but after the first flash he must have thought this was going to be a photography shoot and he began posing for me.  Every time the flash went off, he struck another pose. It was hysterical!

Well, he's double-waving goodbye.  Show's over! 
Thank you, Jesus, for the crazy, simple things in life that make us laugh out loud.
My Pleasure,