A Haircut, Color, and a Barcode

Remember the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin?  Remember the scene where he runs out of the house and stands by the mailbox on the dirt road shouting, "I am somebody!  I am somebody!", because he found his name in the telephone book?

Well, the day I proofed the digital copy of my first self-published book and hit the SEND button, I wanted to run out into the street and shout, "I have a barcode! I have a barcode!"  I was just beside myself and all I could picture was that scene from The Jerk.

A great haircut, a little color, and a barcode! All in one day!

I've wanted to write a book for a very long time, but wasn't sure what kind or how to go about it.  As I shared in a previous post, God has surpassed any expectation I ever dreamed would be possible as I've stepped out by faith into the world of writing. 

My favorite book to study is God's Holy Word, and He has given me many opportunities to share what He has taught me by discipling other women. I love welcoming a group of women into my home, or into a small group at church to encourage, equip and disciple. I want them to know and love Jesus more, as well as, apply what they learn to their daily lives. 

This Bible study I've named Renew, Refresh, Refine...Your Heart, Soul, and Mind,  is my first attempt at writing a study especially designed for women.  It is a 7-week, plus an Introduction, spiritual spa treatment for the weary, tired, and discouraged soul.

The goal is to replenish the soul with the "Ah" of life again. It's a challenge to stay in the race, to not give up, and to rest in the One, Jesus Christ, who gives us the strength and refreshment we need to keep our eyes fixed on Him.

It's a heart exfoliation; a true search of where we are spiritually and what we need to do to move forward.

My prayer is that whoever takes the time to work through this study will come away with an renewed spirit, refreshed soul, and a mind that is constantly being refined.

Gifts Journal # 1030 - I HAVE A BARCODE!! 

Go on. Check it out on Amazon.com. 

My Pleasure,