A Wonder-Storm

As I've mentioned before, thunderstorms are high up on my list of favorite things, and at this very moment, at my home, thunder is rolling, lights are flickering, and the rain is soaking the earth.

I am smack dab in the middle one of my favorite things!

Gift #1089 - a thunderstorm

If I could rename it, I would call it a Wonder-storm. Who knows? Maybe after this blog, many will start using my new found weather term.

Why a Wonder-storm?

Storms bring with them much to wonder about. How long will it last? How much rain will we get? Will we lose power? Will we have wind, hail? Will a tornado spawn from the storm?

The key to transitioning from thunderstorm to a Wonder -storm is how well we are prepared when it hits.

Four very dear people in my life are in the midst of some very severe weather today. My father-in-law was transported by ambulance to the hospital yesterday. He has double pneumonia, again, along with other issues.   A sweet friend is grieving the loss of her mother who passed away yesterday. Another friend's mother may have just days to live, and another received not-so-good news from CT scans this morning. All are weathering their own personal storms.

Because life's storms don't always come with a Noah weather alert, how can we prepare for the inevitable as it rolls into our lives?

The Word of God is what we stand on when the storms are raging.  Reading the Word daily, studying, learning, and applying the deep truths it contains will keep us safe and grounded.

Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone, is Who keeps us upright through the storms fury.  There's no need to fear. Even walking through the valley of the shadow of death, David had no fear. He knew the Lord was with him. (Psalm 23)

The Holy Spirit, our Teacher, Protector, Comforter, dwells inside the soul of every believer. The Creator of the universe intentionally created you and me. He is Sovereign. Any storm which forms in our lives has already been sifted through the fingers of the Father. No page is turned that He has not already ordained. (Psalm 139) The Spirit's presence is certain, something we can count on.

Not knowing Christ invokes fear of the unknown, especially death. Knowing Christ gives us a sweet peace through the unknown - a peace that surpasses all human understanding.

A relationship with Jesus Christ, through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, infused with the truth of God's Word,  prepares us for the unknown weather patterns ahead. It's such a relief knowing that we don't have to brace ourselves for the storms that are coming because we are already embraced by the Savior.  As we emerge from each storm, we will be just like the sun as it has broken through the clouds this afternoon, radiant and beautiful.

The refining process is difficult, but necessary. The storms test our faith. Our response to the storms prove our faith. And our faith is evidenced by our obedience to Christ.

The answers to the earlier questions are:  The storm may last a while. We may be hounded with hard wind, rain, and hail. A tornado may even develop, and yes, our human power will deplete, but there is good news. A good God is holding us tight, protecting us from harm.  If we rest in Him, we are free to glance around at the wonder inside the storm, breaking through on the other side looking more like the Son - radiant and beautiful.

My Pleasure,