Be Aware, Be Very Aware

On a chalkboard I wrote, "Refreshed...
Free to live in the moment in all the fulness of Christ."

Have you ever thought about what it means to live in the moment?

Over the past 3 years, God has been teaching me how to do this. He has opened my eyes to see His name, "I AM", in a whole new way - inside of time and space. His very name means here and now.  He never changes.  His presence defines the essence of His character - ALL joy.

Every. Single. Moment.

Free to live in the moment means that we are free to live in the fullness of Christ Jesus.  

Fully alive!

People who are O.C.D. life planners give us a picture of what it's like to not being able to "live in the moment."  Extreme planners are constantly looking to the future;  only existing in the here and now just to be somewhere else later.  But God has gifted us with a life span of time to fully engage in the gift and enjoy Him in every moment of every day.

How do we enjoy Him fully as we deal with our daily? That's it! Turn the question into a statement.

We deal with our daily while enjoying Him fully.  

It's all in our perspective; how our spiritual eyes view life.

Enjoying the fullness of Christ is being aware that in every moment, He is.  I AM.

Acknowledge His presence right where you are. Right now. Wherever you may be.

Acknowledging His presence is being aware of your surroundings and seeing what is right before your eyes:

- the sun warmth on your skin as you drive
- lungs breathing in and out on there own
- the strong aroma of a beautiful flower
- the belly laugh of a child

No matter where you are, Jesus is affirming His love for you today if you will just turn your attention to the moment.

Live in it. Give thanks for His goodness, His kindness, His gentleness, His love, His gifts.

This is living in the moment. This is living free. This is being filled with joy - the fullness of Christ.

Being aware, very aware of God's presence is freedom.  It's refreshment of the grandest kind; the freedom to live life fully engaged with Him in every moment.

AHHHH!  " Your right hand are pleasures forevermore." Psalm 16:11

My Pleasure,