Dazzle in the Dust

For our 30th wedding anniversary, Rick and I decided to purchase a new bedroom suit.

The day before our new bed was to be delivered, I was cleaning out from under the bed. Let me just say... How do so many dust bunnies (or in this case, full-grown-giant-dust RABBITS) find their way under there? Yuck!

In the midst of pulling out and dusting off the bins and other out-of-sight, out-of-mind items, I came across this rectangular, metal tin box. I didn't remember ever seeing this before, so I opened it and inside was a silver chain watch. I assumed it had been a gift possibly from my sister that somehow got shoved under the bed because she is always giving me jewelry.

When I examined the box and the watch closer, it was made by Brighton, one of my favorite jewelry brands. I immediately took it out of it's case and put it on. I loved it!

The next day was delivery day! I was so excited, I felt like a child on Christmas Eve.

That evening, Rick and I purchased new sheets, a comforter, shams, a bedskirt, king pillows and pillow cases. We brought it all home and decorated our anniversary gift. It was absolutely beautiful!

We had decided that the bedroom suit would be our Valentine's, Anniversary, Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts, and if you know Rick well, he was also trying to squeeze in birthdays and Christmas. We'll see how far that goes.

As Rick was putting the vacuum away from where I had vacuumed up the giant dust rabbits, I said, "Look what I found under the bed as I was cleaning out." I showed him my intriguing find. I told him it must have been a gift that was just misplaced under the bed.  I wish you could have seen his face!

In a very disappointed tone, his exact words were, "That was supposed to be your anniversary present. I actually bought it last October for your birthday, but you had already bought yourself a watch. Then I was saving it for Christmas, but you made a different list, so I was waiting for our anniversary, which we decided on a bed."

Oh my. His hiding place had been discovered. He had forgotten he had placed it under the bed. He was so disappointed, not only about me finding it, but because I also gave credit to someone else instead of him.

Isn't that just the opposite of when we discover something in God's Word - a treasure? God doesn't hide His nuggets of truth from us. He wants us to search, find, and discover His dazzle, His glory, in the every day dust of our lives. But like Rick, he certainly doesn't want anyone else to receive the credit for treasure found.

Finding that sweet, heartfelt gift reminded me that God's Word is loaded with treasure, but we can't discover it if we don't keep the dust off and open it regularly. The Psalmist understood that the proper place to "hide" God's Word was in his heart, not under his bed.

"Your Word have I treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You." (Psalm 119:11 NASB)

My dazzle in the dust was really a blessing in disguise. Now Rick doesn't have to hide it any more from me. I found his gift of love. I searched, and I found a gift I didn't even know existed, and I've been wearing it ever since.

My Pleasure,