The Only One In the Room

It has been an absolute blessing to play and help lead my church family in worship for 29 years. Real worship, with total abandonment - as if God is the only One in the room. That's what I strive for every Sunday, but this morning, I and many others were lifted to a higher plane as we worshiped through music.

For worship to spill out of me, as it did today, I had to abide in Christ, remain in Christ and listen to what He had for me to hear and learn this past week. (John 15)

Here's a little peek into the week I had.

Monday: By preparing a meal for and having our grieving friends, Amy and David Cook, in our home we experienced pure delight. The conversation and joy we shared together was such a gift.

Wednesday: A dresser was delivered to match our new king size bed we purchased for our 30th wedding anniversary. LOVE IT!

Thursday: My daughter and I were able to attend a mother/daughter Bible study designed for the circle of friends and their moms who have been mourning the death of McKinsey Cook, the 20 year old daughter of the grieving parents we hosted on Monday.  One of the moms had given her daughter a Bible for the very first time, and the excitement on her college age daughter's face just filled my heart with incredible joy as she couldn't wait to discover all that is in God's Word.

Friday: Before I finished interviewing two guys who work for Beds and Such for Living Real Magazine articles, I was telling one of them and the owner how wonderful the bed and dresser were that we purchased from them a few weeks ago. Before I left, the owner had set up another delivery of 2 bedside tables to go along with our bedroom set as a gift. Blessed beyond measure!

Saturday: I spent most of the day writing the articles from my interviews and was blown away by their stories of God's grace which affirms once again that I am where God wants me.

Then today-Sunday! On the way to church, I was listening to "I Will Rise" by Chris Tomlin and tears filled my eyes. I was thinking about McKinsey and how perfectly she is worshiping today.

As we were rehearsing the music for the first service, a few people were trickling in early.  My best friend pointed out that the early arrivers were already worshiping with us during our rehearsal.

 As my fingers danced across the black and whites, my heart felt like it would burst. I laid it all down for my God to hear; to somehow return to Him what He had blessed me with during the week.  

The congregational singing of "Sing to the King", "Majesty", "Revelation Song", and "Holy, Holy, Holy" powerfully preluded the choir bringing it all to a climax with Brookland Tabernacle Choir's arrangement of "Saved"!

As I belted out in song and played my heart out, I didn't care who else was watching or listening. For me, it was as if my God was the only One in the room. He's the One who had blessed me beyond measure this week. He's the One who alone has saved me. He's the One who died on the cross for me. He's the One whom my heart adores. 

Dwelling on His surprises, His affirmation, His faithfulness, His mercy, His grace, etc... I couldn't hold it in any longer. Uninhibited praise and pure worship spilled out of my soul, onto the altar of the keys and across my lips. 

"Praise the Lord, O my soul, and all my inmost being praise His holy name." (Psalm 103:1 NIV, emphasis, mine)

My Pleasure,