Summertime Slow Down

Sleeping late, slow sips of coffee, reading a good book, and staying in PJs longer are some of the perks summertime provides around here. It's a much slower life style.

Some may call this "a lazy lifestyle," but there's nothing lazy about slowing and simplifying. In fact, I would say it's harder to live slow.

When we speed through life we miss so much that God has to show and tell us.

We miss quality time in the Word of God.
We miss the warm sun shining on our faces.
We miss the birds singing and the cool blades of grass under our bare feet.

Last evening, in my small corner of the world, my family of four gathered around the dinner table, ate a meal together, and had great conversation. A rare event these days with my family going in four different directions. My son lives on his own, works, and will finish his Master's Degree in July. My daughter still lives at home, but has her own schedule as a rising junior in college, coaching a competition cheer squad, and nannying.

My husband's work pace picks up a little as the temperature rises. He's part owner in a third generation family heating and air business, and more business means more money to pay the bills. We tell people we have to pray for extreme temps, really cold or really hot, to make money. It's sad, but people only call when they are too hot or too cold.

My schedule has slowed with no piano teaching and no Bible study teaching this summer. I'm not even doing a book club. I've found that I need to slow to grow.

A good friend shared with me she was going to re-read One Thousand Gifts during her time off from teaching school. Since it's a book I can never read enough, I've added it again to my summer reading list.

One of my favorite quotes from this book is...

Life is not an emergency. (Ann Voskamp)

Speeding through the summer is not what I need to do. Time flies fast enough on its own without my help. I need to slow, grow, and count more gifts. But I cannot do that if I don't simplify. Instead of filling my summer with countless activities, I need to be intentional about opening my eyes, ears, and heart to the things of God. I need to be alert to the incredible wonders He desires to share with me.

Counting helps me slow and grow.

#1301 - penning gifts to page
#1302 - photographing gifts
#1303 - a 2nd cup of coffee, slowly sipped

Let the hearts of those rejoice who seek the LORD. (Psalm 105:3b NKJV)

Slow your life this summer. Look and listen intently for what God is showing you and teaching you through His Word, His creation, and His Church. Spend time slowly with family, friends, and with those who sharpen you spiritually. Study, read, explore, learn. And above all else, grow deeper in love with Jesus.

My Pleasure,