When It Rains Hard and Fast

When it rains hard and fast, it can be a little scary. With all of the media coverage on the Texas floods, last night's hard and fast rain put me a little on edge.

My daughter had been at a friend's house and was planning to drive home later. When she texted that she was getting ready to leave, my heart started racing, my prayers were going up non-stop, and my faith moved into full throttle trust mode.

God has her. Trust Him to take care of her.

I texted her back with instructions not to drive through large amounts of water and to be very careful. Within a few minutes, my cell phone sounded a flood alert! The rain was coming down harder than ever as lightning flashed and thunder continued to rumble, so I texted her again, praying she hadn't left yet.

I told her about the flood alert and that the roads were very dangerous. She needed to stay put if she hadn't already left.

She texted me back quickly to say that I was right and she would just stay at her friend's house for the night.

Next prayer uttered, "Thank You, Jesus."

My heart slowed to a normal pace, and I laid my head on my pillow knowing she was safe and sound. The rain continued to pour down outside, but a sweet peace began to pour over me inside.

Life can come at us hard and fast. Our heart rate quickly increases, pounding our chest cavity and resounding in our ears. Our breaths become shorter and shallower, and anxious thoughts race through our minds. What if this or that happens? What if? What if? What if?

The moment our circumstances move into neutral, not knowing which way life may shift, the emotions begin rolling in hard and fast.

How do we stay steady and ready for the "come what may"?  How do we stay calm and press on when the situation is uncertain?

We pray. We breathe. We quote God's promises back to Him. We're honest and tell God exactly how we feel. We believe. We have faith. We trust.

Control is something we really never have hold of in any situation, but we do have a God-given gift of common sense and He expects us to use it as well as trust Him in everything.

Common sense told me, "Text Madison and tell her to stay put." Faith told me, "She belongs to God and He will take care of her no matter what."

The child of God is given the option to trust or bust. Trust is always the best option and the one that comes with a peace that surpasses human understanding.

My Pleasure,