God Speaks, Even Through Numbers

In a blog post sometime ago I wrote about how, at random times when I glance at a clock, the digital numbers 11:11 appear. It shows up on the car clock, the cell phone, the microwave, the clock by the bed, on the TV. It's become almost comical with me and my husband as to how often I look up and the time is 11:11.

The biblical meaning for the number 11 is disorder or chaos. Over 10 years ago, a magazine called 11:11 was given to me to examine. It's focus was all about the importance of self: self-awareness, self-meditation, self- reliance, etc., which is totally opposite from the teachings of Christ.

In Luke 9:23 Christ says, to follow Him we must deny self and take up our crosses daily. 

After God specifically told me we were going to begin a magazine called Living Real, in the parking lot after a writer's conference I had attended, the appearances of 11:11 on clocks began to grab my attention. I believe God has been affirming through these numbers that Living Real Magazine is my call and walk of obedience to counter chaos.

Our Bible study class on Sunday mornings is studying the appearances of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. One of our three teachers is focusing on how God speaks through numbers and the Hebrew language. Numbers have significant spiritual meaning just like words do. It's all so amazing.

This past Sunday morning, as I was listening and thinking through God's perfect, infinite wisdom, I thought, "Since God specifically gave me the name of Living Real for the magazine, I wonder what the numbers corresponding with the letters of our alphabet would mean?"  

I began scribbling...


172 is made up of all prime numbers, which is another lesson in itself.

Then I added the prime numbers together.  

 1+7+2 = 10

I was absolutely blown-a-way! Living Real = 10

The spiritual meaning of the number 10 is Jesus Christ!

To take it a step further, the total number of letters in Living Real are 10!

10:10 - Jesus Christ, perfection 
11:11 - disorder and chaos (The author of confusion? Satan.)

Jesus always counters confusion.

God didn't have to give me the title Living Real for the magazine, but He did. And He never does anything randomly or without purpose. Until Sunday, I had never thought about the spiritual meaning of the numbers embedded in these words, but God knew. He also knew when He spoke them to me He would not only affirm, but blow me away 10 years later.

I'm beyond words.

How has God blown you away lately?

My Pleasure,

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  1. That is so cool. I actually ended up doing a synopsis of Kenny's lesson for our devotion in staff meeting the next morning. I thought is was appropriate for Christian financial institution. I love the math for Living Real. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for reading, Kristy! I just don't have words to adequately say how this spoke to me. God is truly indescribable, incomprehensible... I hope your fellow financial staffers were blown away as well by the way God speaks through numbers. Blessings! ~Melanie


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