Trustworthy Couriers

Many of my writer friends, this week, are lapping up words of wisdom gushing from the faucets in classrooms, hallways, and breezy porches at The Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. I'm so sad not to be there with all of the buzz and excitement, but God has kept me here prepping to pitch at another conference this summer.

This morning as I was reading in Proverbs 13, I came across a verse that seems very appropriate for those of us putting pen to pad and fingers to computers.

A wicked envoy falls into trouble, 
but a trustworthy courier brings healing 
(Proverbs 13:7 CSB).

Every Christian writer seeking to follow Christ in obedience is gathering, sorting, and delivering words to those who need to hear. God has entrusted us as His trustworthy couriers to deliver His words of healing, hope, and encouragement along our assigned routes. Though all of our words present the same beautiful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we've been assigned a multitude of avenues on which to deliver that message. Just like mailmen and women who deliver our mail they don't deliver on the same streets, or to the same houses, even though some of the residents receive the same messages.

Just this week I saw where another author was writing a book on the same topic as mine. At first I thought, Why am I writing on this topic when she has a much larger audience to hear this message? But, as soon as Satan tried to dislocate my thoughts, God reminded me...

You're the only one I've assigned to tell your story of 
My faithfulness in your life. 

Then, He directed me to a thought I had penned from my own book project to pop my thoughts back into their proper place.

So, this week as I continue working on writing my story well, I pray for all of  us (especially my fellow writers at BRMCWC) to be bold, confident, and trustworthy couriers who are called to deliver God's message of healing through stories only we can tell.

Have a great week everyone!! Can't wait to hear about all God did this week!

My Pleasure,