Summertime Slowdown - Southern Style

Some of my fondest memories of growing up in the heart of the Palmetto State include long, lazy days in the sun, boating on Lake Murray, and inhaling the fragrant aroma swirling around the cove as my dad cooked breakfast outside on his green Coleman stove. Mmmm... I can smell it now. 

After hours of swimming, water skiing, fishing, and exploring, my sister and I would get into our pjs. From the screened in porch or from a late night ride on the pontoon, we'd gaze at the stars. Then we'd slip under the covers in our beds as the frogs serenaded us to sleep. Everything seemed perfect in the summer, and every day we squeezed out every ounce of fun we could.

This summer, I thought it might be fun to slow down and refuel together. By squeezing out every ounce of clutter from our hearts (those corners we've ignored), God can begin to clean 'em out and renew our spirits, all while we make summertime memories with our family and friends.

To assist us on this journey, I'll be pulling portions from a Bible study I wrote several years ago called Renew, Refresh, Refine - your heart, soul, and mind. This would be a great opportunity to invite a friend to take the plunge with you, and clean out together.

Along with each lesson, I'll also be sharing a a simple, southern recipe for your added pleasure.

During this first week, we must slow down and identify the real spiritual condition of our hearts. To do this we need to take some time to look in the mirror. What do you see? A tired, weary soul depleted from over extending during the year? Is your sparkle missing? Are you tempted to just sleep the summer away?

Throughout the week, read Psalm 51; several times if necessary. As you wash your mind with the Word, also pray.

Ask God for the desire and strength to submit to His search light just like David did.
Allow God the freedom to search deep into places of your heart that you 
have been guarding. The dark places need to be revealed, confessed, 
and dealt with, so He can continue to mold you into the woman He has designed 
you to be. Confession and repentance are crucial to renewing your 
relationship with Jesus and to restoring the joy of your salvation.
(from Lesson 1, Renew, pg. 4)

This is how we begin a much needed, summertime slow-down.  

You'll be amazingly rejuvenated! No spa treatment can do for the soul what the power of the Holy Spirit can. (But go ahead and make that spa appointment, it'll be an extra treat for your body.)

Remember, take your time. Don't rush through identifying your spiritual heart condition, because this will be the place where your refreshing begins. And please use the comment section below to share how God is helping you to identify the condition of your heart. Let's encourage one another!

Now, go pour yourself a glass of southern sweet tea, and let's get started!

My Pleasure,


  1. Summertime should be for refreshment. Mine has been busy so far, but now it's slowing down some. It was good to see you this week! I look forward to seeing your posts from your study.


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