Faith & Trust & COVID-19

What stands out to you in the picture above? It reminds me of God's protection over His people and His setting us apart to be light in a dark world of confusion and chaos.

COVID-19 has hit our world with a vengeance. It has incited chaos among the nations, and has disrupted life as we know it. As world leaders grapple for what to do and how to stop the spread, many people are asking, "Where is God?"

When a crisis hits, especially one that has a global affect, Christians should stand out in a crowd. We don't approach life from a place of despair because we know full well that God is here! He is with us. No need to fear.

Those asking the where is God question are desperately searching and reaching out for something to hope in. Something or someone to believe in. Their questions are the evidence of our calling. We who have the hope they're searching for have a great responsibility to declare God's greatness, presence, power, and glory among the nations. With that declaration, we are also to proclaim the gospel. Their only hope for peace of mind is in their salvation, which only comes through the Person of Jesus Christ.

God has used crisis after crisis from the beginning of time to teach His people about His great love, His power, His sovereignty, His faithfulness, and His deliverance. When the ungodly see His power, they cower in fear, choosing not to bow in worship to the one true God. The response of a Christian is also one of fear, but not as in being afraid, but one of reverential fear, recognizing who God is as we rest in His comfort and strength.

This morning, I was reading the account of Moses vs. Pharaoh. It was so evident that what God was doing then is what He continues to do today - reminding His people that His power, protection, and promises are real. And that His judgement on those who refuse to worship Him is also real.

In this account in Exodus 7-9, the first three plagues affected all people, the Egyptians and the Israelites. After the third, the people of Israel were protected from any of the other plagues. God set His people apart to further declare He is the one and only God.

Do you notice anything of significance here? Because, after Jesus' death and burial, He rose from the dead on the third day, conquering the plagues of death and the grave. We have nothing more to fear - not even death!

O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory? (1 Corinthians 15:55 KJV)

God needed the children of Israel to experience His display of power and deliverance so they would know and tell about His marvelous works for generations to come. God would never leave them or forsake them because of His promise to their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He would set His people free.

Today is no different. For those of us who are called, have answered and believed in Jesus Christ, and are following His commands, God has also given us a promise. We will one day be released from our flesh and the bondage of a sin-infested world to live with Him forever in all of His glory. 

Plagues, viruses, diseases, natural disasters, famines, etc... are just reminders of God's promise that He is right now making all things new. (Revelation 21:5)

Though we have nothing to be afraid of, we do have a responsibility until He returns - to declare His power and glory among the people.


Avoid a state of panic. Live your life worry-free but with caution and common sense.

...keep sound wisdom and discretion, [so] when you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet (Proverbs 3:21, 24 AMP).

Keep the faith. Walk in the confidence you have in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

For the LORD will be your confidence, firm and strong, And will keep your foot from being caught [in a trap] (Proverbs 3:26).

Put others needs above your own.

Do not say to your neighbor, "Go, and come back, And tomorrow I will give it," When you have it with you (Proverbs 3:28).

Always be ready to give an account for what the Lord has done for you.

But in your hearts set Christ apart [as holy - acknowledging Him, giving Him first place in your lives] as Lord. Always be ready to give a [logical] defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope and confident assurance [elicited by faith] that is within you, yet [do it] with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).

Don't be afraid is mentioned 365 times in Scripture. That's one time for every day of the year. God, in His infinite wisdom and compassion, knew before time began that we would need those sweet words of assurance while living in a world of uncertainty. God is HERE with us. Trust Him. Seek Him. Serve Him. And above all, love Him with your whole heart.

My Pleasure,