Will You Take the Letter Writing Challenge?


Don't you love to receive a letter or card in the mail? I sure do. It makes my heart smile to know someone is not only thinking about me but also took the time to tell me so.

This Thanksgiving season, I'm challenging myself to make 30 hearts smile by selecting 30 people to write and mail letters to. Each person represents one day in November. 

30 people + 30 letters = 30 blessings! 

I've seen all sorts of challenges for the season of counting blessings. Some give up something for the month to focus on God and being grateful for what He has given. Some people make gifts lists. Some count and post a blessing per day. These are all great ideas.

Instead of simply being inwardly focused on the blessings God has so graciously given me, this year I want to honor my Gift Giver by gifting others with a piece of my heart. And there's nothing more personal than a handwritten letter.

Will you take this challenge with me? Think of some people who've poured into you in some fashion or another. A friend, family member, someone in your church family, at your office, in your school. A baby-sitter. A neighbor. Show them in a very tangible way how much they mean to you, in your own words and in your own handwriting.

Letter writing is fast becoming a lost art. Technology has replaced the personal touch for the sake of convenience. But it doesn't mean we have to allow it to be our only means of communicating. 

Our handwriting is like our fingerprint. It's a piece of our identity. I have some of my mother's recipe cards written in her exquisite handwriting. Each one is a piece of her on an index card. These are priceless treasures to me. 

Have you seen the Hallmark movie where Betty White plays a war widow? Her late husband's body was never returned to the United States. A journalist falls in love with their love story. The letters written back and forth between them while he was overseas are key to the journalist making it her mission to  bringing him home. I cry every time. 

Letters matter to people. They're something to hold onto for years to come even after the person who wrote it is gone. Letters can take you back to a sweet time and encourage you over and over again. 

Letters bring comfort. 

Letters bring joy. 

Letters connect people in a tangible way like technology will never be able to do.

Will you take the challenge with me? You don't have to write a letter a day. Carve out some time to write several letters at a time during the month. Before you know it, you'll have 30 handwritten letters in the mail ready to bless those who've blessed you. 

Let me know if you plan to take the challenge, and then at the end of the month, we'll celebrate!

Jesus said, It's more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35b).

My Pleasure,