Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Heartbeat of Home

Why spend one evening a week with five precious high school girls? Because the heartbeat of our home is seeking to make Christ famous.

One life at a time.

We're called to know God, to love Him deeply and to bring Him glory with our lives. Young people need us to pour what we've learned about Christ into them. Sharing life experience mixed with the truth of the Word is the best way to impact the next generation. We're told to disciple, mentor and teach God's Truth to the generation coming behind us, because if we don't, who will?

Here's how we're doing discipleship this summer. We're soaping in God's Love Letter daily, aware of the fact that we carry the aroma (a sweet scent) of Christ wherever we go, and we're marking down His faithfulness in our lives with stones.

Soap, Scents and Stones - 
A summer GROW experience 

I provided the girls with a preview of my new journal called The Red Carpet Journal since I'm hosting them on my red carpet. I introduced them to the S.O.A.P. method of reading Scripture. Each week we take a few verses, S.O.A.P. through them, and then I assign more verses to S.O.A.P. through the following week. The girls and I come together to share our stories, intentionally looking for God's hand and any new truths we've uncovered from God's Love Letter from our personal study.

The first week we met, my intentions were for us to meet five or six times during the summer, but they blew me away when they said they wanted to meet every week for consistency. WOW! Who knew these beautiful heartstrings of Jesus would want to stay connected all summer long? 

Because of vacation, camp and Vacation Bible School, we've missed a couple of weeks, but we are back on this coming Sunday evening, and I can't wait!

We've eaten pizza, made our own smoothies, and this week, we'll play the card game "Spoons." I'm loving getting to know these girls and their hungry hearts to be all God has created them to be. 

What's the heartbeat of your home? Are you using it as a tool to disciple hearts? If not, why not invite someone to gather with you around your table to talk about the greatest Love Letter ever written? Invite someone over for a cookout or for coffee. By pouring God's grace, love and mercy into others we're being obedient in drawing attention to His Son, thus making Him famous, one life at a time.

My Pleasure,

Monday, June 5, 2017

Conversations Over Chicken Salad, Watermelon and Sweet Tea

What's more southern than chicken salad croissants, watermelon and a large glass of sweet tea? Not much!

There's also nothing more delightful than to open your home to women who love to gather in true, southern style.

Excitement dripped all over the red carpet in my den as women arrived in anticipation of our Summer Book Club 2017. The book selected is Secrets Over Sweet Tea by Denise H. Jones. She is a true southern author with a flare for unencumbered realness.

Set in the quaint town of Franklin, Tennessee, Denise grabs your attention from the get-go. As Scarlett Jo Newberry (the larger-than-life pastor's wife) sports a flashy neon wardrobe on her prayer walks around the neighborhood, we observe her uncanny ways of uncovering secrets hidden behind closed doors and hearts. This little town is buzzing with intrigue, sadness, humor and much needed healing.

Why a Summer Book Club?

After the fall and spring seasons of intense Bible study, I like to lighten things up a bit in the summer. I choose a book which is a fun read, but also directs us to the Word and steers the conversation.

A Summer Book Club provides the opportunity to use spiritual gifts like hospitality and encouragement. I love crafting an atmosphere where calm and peace melt away the stresses of the day to day, and I enjoy watching the stress leave as people walk in.

Inviting women into a safe place to shed their facades, offers a sense of release to be real with one another. This brings me joy.

The presence and power of Christ filling the room, inviting us into deeper intimacy with Him as we open His Word and pray for one another, always leaves me in wonder and awe.

We need each other to bounce life off of. We need someone to hold us accountable along our salvation journeys. I cannot think of a better way to equip and encourage than to open up our homes to those eager to learn how to love God deeper and serve Him better.  Why not start a Summer Book Club yourself? Southern style, of course. Bless your heart.

By His Grace Alone,

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