A New Year, A New Perspective

'Tis the Season to Remember - Christ

'Tis the Season to Remember - Love

'Tis the Season to Remember - Joy

'Tis the Season to Remember - Peace

'Tis the Season to Remember - Hope

An Amazing View

Life Is Better In Real Time

Am I a Grown-Up Yet?

The Simple - Amazing - Everyday - Blessings

November Sacrifice

Grace Gifts, Reasons to Give Back

A Little Web Wisdom

Therefore...because of Jesus

Filled to the Brim

How Deep Do My Trust Roots Run?

Intentional Grounding - Learning to Trust

Leadership Lessons From a Football Movie and a Book

Winners Announced Today!

What Is She Up To? Clue #4

As Is

What Do You Think I'm Up To? Clue #3

What I'm Up To...Another Clue!

Clues and Prizes

Who Do You Have In Mind?

Does God Find Pleasure in Me?

Full of Surprises!


Taking Time-Out For Some Time-In

Happy Anniversary Living Real